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influencing the lives of people by being different and making a difference

KEF Holdings is a new era social enterprise established to solve some of the developing world’s most fundamental problems in infrastructure, healthcare, education and agriculture.

Development is a people centered process,whose ultimate goal must be improvement of the human condition and environment
– Faizal E. Kottikollon read more about kef holdings



Revolutionizing the construction industry, KEF Infrastructure brings world-class, fully integrated, off-site manufacturing & assembly to bridge the gaps of cost, time, resources & quality presently constraining the sector.

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Recent years have seen revolutionary changes sweeping across the healthcare infrastructure development sector, with the emergence of large-scale manufacturing, installation and assembly of high quality, affordable hospital units off-site.

With modular healthcare construction, KEF Health expects to turnaround the economies in the healthcare sector, enabling a system of rapid delivery of affordable healthcare facilities.

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In line with our innovative approach, KEF Agri is making large investments in globally recognized technologies. All of our facilities will be 100% organic certified and will conform to organic standards prevailing worldwide.

The facility will implement a food safety management system including HACCP, GMP+ and will be credited with BRC A grade.

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KEF EDUCATION is based on the belief that the best learning environment is essential to uplift large swathes of the undeserved population. This is best achieved by combining infrastructure upgrades using the most advanced construction technologies with be

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By capitalizing on low risk, high income opportunities in rising markets, KEF Investment ensures superior returns for the holdings, while retaining a long term perspective on how the investments can positively impact mankind.

KEF Investment has a global investment pool that comprises fixed income assets including bonds, bond funds, deposits and perpetual bonds across the US, Europe, GCC, South East Asia and India.

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Established in 1995, Al Ahamadi General Trading (AGT), a stepping stone for KEF’s business future, was formed to tap into the vast business opportunities in the reclaimed metal industry. Al Ahamadi General Trading (AGT) was established for the recycling

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giving. A simple act. but for those who receive, it
will always be remembered as the single moment when
their future became more promising.